24 Hour Emergency Vet Cleveland  


24 Hour Emergency Vet Cleveland- Doesn’t matter if your pet needs help either at 3 am or 3pm. We are a 24/7 full-service veterinary hospital and handle any kind of  schedule for your convenience, animals are our passion!
Call us today:  (216) 452-9107  We serve the Cleveland Area.


Consultation Ultrasounds  Digital X-Rays  MRIs
Surgery Endoscopy  Radiology Orthopedic
 Intensive Medical Care      

And a lot more! We provide great pet healthcare!


Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm



24 Hour Emergency Vet Cleveland- We have a full service facility that delivers optimal care for your pet. Our skilled staff is trained in  the latest techniques  and treatments which combined with our passion will provide comfort in any 24 hour emergency!Call us at (216) 452-9107
 If you are not sure if your pet needs our help, here are some common pet issues that you should know about in order to make a decision:
The top 3 cat health issues:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases (FLUTD) : If your pet can’t urinate, call us immediately  if you think your pet has a urinary tract issue.
  3. Fleas: This is a really common feline problem! Fleas can live for a long time even more than a year, and your cat risks anemia if the issue becomes serious, so it’s better to treat the flea problem to prevent infestations in the future.

Talk with us about which flea control would be best for your cat.


CALL US NOW  (216) 452-9107
24 hour emergency vet cleveland

24 hour emergency vet cleveland
The top 3 dog health issues:

  1. Ear Infections : This is a common health problem, and can be caused by  yeast, ear mites, allergies, bacteria, hair growth deep in the ear canal, and more.
  2. Worms: are common internal parasites in dogs but there are some types that can be fatal.We can diagnose the problem in our clinic to give your puppy the right treatment depending on the type of worm  involved!
  3. Fleas: A flea can become into an infestation in just three weeks, and it’s a very common canine issue, since fleas easily get picked up by your dog.

The good news is that they’re really easy to treat. Fleas not only make your dog feel uncomfortable, they also cause infections, allergic reactions and even lead to anemia because of the blood loss. Call us now (216) 452-9107   !

24 Hour Emergency Vet Cleveland-  24/7 full-service veterinary hospital , animals are our passion!


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